Friday, May 8, 2009

Anna Kate Turns One!

Well, my baby is now 1 years old! Cannot believe it, last Monday, April 27th! Here are some pics to commemorate the day! Hope you enjoy!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

3 kids that need attention...

I am quickly realizing that it is sometimes difficult to give 3 kids attention. Nate has been having some really bad days at school lately and I am trying to revamp in my head on just how to make things better. I have come up with a plan: as of tonight, Jason and I are going to start to stagger bed time (the boys share a room) and give individual attention to one kid while the other watches the baby. This attention could include: playing board games, reading, etc. whatever is solely interactive with one parent. I am hoping this will make the boys happier kids. I will let you know how it goes.

Anna Kate just hummed, "Old MacDonald has a Farm" today and it was too cute

Zach is loving school and just loves to play dress up and imagine.

That is all for now, hopefully have some pictures of Easter coming soon.

Oh, Jason and I will be going on a date on Saturday evening, the first one in many months!!!!!!!!!Yippee!!!!!!!!!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Spring Break

I have not written in a while; the kids have been on Spring break and I have really enjoyed the calm of our household. It is so nice not to have to pack lunches, get kids dressed every morning and off to the school bus.

Zach and Anna Kate have colds so that has been a little bit of a drag but are otherwise thriving.

There has been a lot of Wii plahying and Star Wars gaming at our house this week, mom just has not had much energy and really wants a break!

Looking forward to the warmer weather when I will hopefully be inspired to be outside more with the boys and let them run.

The boys went to their first UVA baseball game against Maryland last weekend and seemed to enjoy themselves with their daddy.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Today is star wars and illness

Not much happening here today, probably should write this evening, but going to bed early, already exhausted. Boys are entertained with Star Wars and playing with Daddy's star wars toys. Little girl is napping and mommy is blogging. Daddy is trying to keep boys happy.

Wanted to add a few more pics from yesterday and the beautiful weather!

Delayed entry for 3-31-09

I wanted to write yesterday but am still learning about this on how to add photos. Today was a gorgeous day! Anna Kate has been teething horribly so I decided to get out of the house early after dropping off Zach at preschool and take a walk to Whole Foods. Here is my princess all ready in her stroller for our adventure. My neighbor's front yard is in full bloom and I wanted that to be the back drop.

Afernoon was eventful: Got a call from Nate's teacher to come pick up my son, he is sick. So, off to pick up Zach from preschool, pick up Nate from elementary school. So in summary, Nate is sick with body aches and fatigue, Zach has too much energy, Anna Kate is teething and husband is feeling like he is coming down with a cold!

So, the biggest joy of the day was seeing my middle child interacting with his sister whom he is VERY proud of. Anytime we meet someone new he announces, "this is my Anna Kate." So, got some pics of my smallest two outside in the yard, hope you enjoy!

Monday, March 30, 2009

My little man is talking up a storm...

Today was exciting in the fact that my 6 y.o. Nate is really beginning to express to me how his school day is going. He will actually answer my questions about his day and his activities and he also loves to sing me songs at the dinner table. He is studying the life cycle in family life and sings the cutest song about phalangees. (sp?) it has been a while since I have had to spell that.

Zach is excited to be wearing his new Zelda t-shirt dad constructed for him.

Anna Kate is NOT SLEEPING, took her to the doctor tonight and she seems to be o.k. Last Thursday took her to the doctor and she had a mild temp and was irritated. Well, I am guessing that it is her teeth, she just won't settle for her naps or bed time very well. I hope tonight we all get our sleep, we need it!!!!!

Sunday, March 29, 2009


Well, I have been wanting to journal my thoughts for a long time; six years, since the birth of my first child. Since I can type much faster than write, I have finally taken the plunge to begin journaling my every day life. It is here that I will attempt to capture the sayings and such that drift all too quickly out of my mind; from my little ones and my husband.

Today was blah, the weather was not appealing until around noon at which point I was exhausted and sore from working out with weights yesterday. I am looking forward to the new week with abundant sunshine.